sValor is a community driven Realm of the Mad God private server run by Server Manager Krok and Content Manager Lynx.

Special thanks goes to the following users for their contribution to this game.

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hYSW99J.png wSVBTVR.png

Moderation Team:

LarMAqV.png F2w1RTo.png YrHcAyw.gifNuQ7zGJ.png

Discord Manager:



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The wiki has been developed by a small team of dedicated Valor players and would not be possible without the following players:
btS8grT.png fgYcggJ.png YAHKj8m.png
The previous server owner, Faux (here is his old discord profile picture) JEy7Gxd.png
He has stepped down as of 2/15/2019. We will certainly miss him, and a huge thanks to him is deserved. Thank you, Faux, for your dedication and we hope you visit us in the future :)
If there appears to be some sort of issue on the wiki, you can pm these people in the discord:

Gardevoir#0001 or Dolphin#9386