Drops from Yazanahar
Ancient Depths is a late-game dungeon with challenging bosses that drop minimal loot for their difficulty. It is a two boss dungeon, the first boss is Krokanich and the second boss is Xanarich.



  • It is not recommended to solo this on a melee due to the high damage shotguns.
  • There is a delay between the grey/green shotgun so you can use this to go in and attack the boss when his shots are lower damage.
  • Rage phase will jump often so it is recommended to only go in and attack him close range when he has just jumped and shot the grey/green shotgun.

Boss Behaviours

The boss has two main phases, normal and rage. He will only enter rage mode when he has dropped to low health.

Phase 1

The boss will loosely follow you in this phase, he stays at a distance while still tracking you and moving closer forward when shooting out some attacks, he never jumps or sits close to you.
He will use 4 main attacks in this phase, the first being a grey bullet shotgun, he shoots out 6 of these bullets and all of these do around 50 damage, these move quite fast so it's recommended to stay back to dodge these.
The hardest hitting phase is the wavy shots he shoots in a 90 degree cone, he will shoot out 4 grey shots and 4 green shots, the grey shots deal around 100-200 damage that armour breaks and the green shots deal around 100-200 damage that bleeds, these hurt a lot and it is recommend as soon as you see them to run around to the other side of the boss so they don't hit you.
The 3rd attack he uses is a burst of green shots he shoots out, these do not deal high damage but do inflict bleeding so look out for those.
The last attack only comes in after minions, he shoots out 4 white shots that deal 80 damage and don't give any debuffs.
The other part of the fight is the minions he spawns in, these don't have too much health but do 120 damage per shot(non-armor piercing damage) and shoot decently fast, you should focus these down if you want to live.

Rage Phase

This phase uses the same attacks as Phase 1 but with a different movement pattern, he only uses the green burst shots and the large cone of grey and green shots. While shooting this he will jump at you and chase you the whole fight, he will not spawn any minions and will do this until he dies.

Drops of Interest:

Crashing Crescendo


Draketail Blade


Potion of Might

Potion of Attack

Potion of Restoration




  • It is not recommended to solo this on melee
  • During minion phase you can drag the boss out of the boss room if you have enough speed so it is easier for you to focus the minions
  • Always focus the little flies he spawns
  • You can run back to the previous rooms to heal if you get low health although the boss does heal

Boss Behaviours

Phase 1

The first thing the boss does is spawn in 3 minions, these minions all hit hard and inflict different debuffs, these are quiet, bleeding and unstable. They shoot out many shots each and all of them do medium-high damage, they will all circle around one point in the top right and the boss will be invulnerable until they have all been killed. If you don't have high dps in this phase you will not be able to kill the minions as they heal.
After the minions have been killed he will shoot out a barrage of shots in a similar pattern to how a djinn shoots, these shots all sicken and deal over 100 damage each. He will then start spawning in little fly minions, these will frequently shoot out a 50 damage shot that petrifies the player, you should immediately focus these when they spawn as petrify can ruin your fight if you get hit by it.
He will then move onto a shotgun chase phase, he will shoot out rows of shots at the player, he will shoot out a medium range cone of 6, 150 damage piercing shots as well as throwing a 160 damage bomb and an even shorter shotgun of high damage shots that will instantly kill you if you are hit by all of it. He will then move back into the middle and start a short rotational phase of 140 damage shots that inflict slow, during this rotational phase he will heal. After this he spawns in the 3 minions from the beginning of the fight for the last time during this fight. He loops back around into this pattern until you push him into rage phase.

Rage Phase

Rage Phase isn't too hard of a rage phase, he doesn't chase you he just idles near by and shoots out the same shots as before, the medium range cone of 6, 150 damage piercing shots as well as the 90 damage sick shots but this time he shoots them out in a burst while throwing the 160 damage bomb and spawning in the minions that petrify.

Drops of Interest:

Chosen Bow


Quiver of the Chosen


Chosen Armor


Shard of Ancient Assault


Potion of Life

Potion of Protection