The second boss is a bit harder to get to, you need to run through the dungeon and clear out all of the mini stationary spiders, these are all switches and when they have all been killed a bridge will open up. The bridge is very easy to locate and people will normally be sitting there waiting for the spiders to be killed if you can't find it. After the bridge has opened up you will have to clear a huge open space leading to a circle of a room with the center being covered in lava. If you want to reach the 2nd boss you should go to the top of the circle and if you want to go to the treasure room you should go down and left.
The treasure room will contain one of these:
The second boss fight is very easy, the only problem being the minions. You do have time to clear the minions before the boss spawns so I recommend doing that.

Corrupted Flames of Fate


Boss Behaviours

Shoots out medium damage fire balls in front of it at the nearest player and chases slowly


  • Don't sit on it and stay with the group

Drops of Interest:

Forsaken Shield


Necromantic Charm


Ring of Undeadly Conjuring



Gold Cache

Potion of Might d8S6dO8.png

Potion of Life

Potion of Wisdom

Potion of Dexterity

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