Crimson Showdown is the boss area part of the 2 part dungeon. Hades is located in this area

Boss Behaviours

The boss will start out shooting fire balls at a single target that cover about 1/3rd of the screen, this fireballs don't do much damage on their own but the boss will also shoot out a spread of 12 armour broken shots.
After this the boss switches into a more condensed fireball shot pattern and shoots out 4 fireballs, a lot faster, at the nearest player. These fireballs give weak and unstable so if you want damage in you need to be circling the boss or dodging.During this phase the boss shoots out 6 slow moving 450 damage shots that boomerang, these are the main problem during this phase and will normally mess you up if you are trying to circle.
The boss then goes into a short roaming phase where he wanders around the middle for a bit shooting out armour breaking shots to the nearest player and at the same time shooting out 6 more the 450 damage shots that boomerang, but not targeted at anything.
He then stops wandering, stands still and goes into his damage phase where the boomerangs stay but the armour breaking shots are replaced with an aimless burst of 12 mid damage shots.
He then goes invincible and starts spawning in minions, these spawns CAN be avoided by sitting in the corners far away from the boss
He will then enter the chase phase, this phase has 3 parts. The first part is him shooting out fire balls towards the person he is chasing and at the same time to aimless burst of 12 mid damage shots. The second part he shoots out a wide cone of slowing shots and the 450 damage boomerang shots, this phase is probably the deadliest as he will slow you then sit on you with this high damage. The third part he gets rid of the slow shot cone and shoots only the 450 damage boomerangs, but at a much higher rate.
In the last phase he will spawn in 8 hades defenders, these minions will just follow you and shoot out an occasional shotgun in all directions. When these minions are dead he will go back to the first phase.


  • It is normally best to circle the boss when he goes into the second phase as when someone is dragging the shots you will normally get hit in crossfire, leading in you being weakened and unstable removing any damage you could be doing.
  • Before the boss spawns minions for the first time he will say "I must charge my staff! Stay back fiend", if you cant kill the boss in this 7 second time frame then run back early so his minions don't spawn in.
  • When he is in the last phase spawning in hades defenders be sure to all stand in the same place and rotate in the same direction

Drops of Interest:

The Eye of Peril


Wildfire Crossbow




Truncheon of Immortal Demons


Skull of Hades


Coat of the Devil


Sinburn Hide


Potion of Attack

Potion of Vitality

Potion of Life