The Illusionist

Crypt of the Illusionist is an end-game dungeon, it is full of enemies and mechanics meant to be difficult. In this dungeon you will always need to be checking your minimap as Rogues of the Illusionist will sneak up on you and sit on your character dealing lots of damage very quickly. Illusion Manifestations shoot out shots that look like 1 shot but are actually 2 to fit the theme of illusion in the dungeon. The other enemies are easier to kill and don't have as many unfair mechanics.
In the Crypt of the Illusionist there is 3 possible spawns for the boss:
It is completely random as to which room the boss will be in but these are the 3 rooms he could be in.

Boss Behaviours

The first thing the boss does is spawn in his 4 turrets, these will shoot out bursts of shots that daze and 180 damage shots at certain times during the fight. When the boss activates and can be hit he will spawn in 2 Illusion Manifestations, these should be killed immediately as they may make you miss out on the damage phase. After these have been killed he will chase the player, shooting out a wide cone of shots that paralyze and also shots that weaken and confuse. This chase phase is not very long this time and soon he will return to the middle for the next phase.
In the next phase he will shoot out a line of shots that confuse and weaken the player at a high rate of fire, during this phase you can either have someone circling the boss or move slightly over to one side when the shots are about to hit you. After this phase he will start roaming again and spawn in a little orb that can stun you for a long time, you should always focus this a soon as it spawns so it can't sneak up on you and stun you later on, after spawning 2 of these orbs he will spawn 2 more Illusion Manifestations and continue doing this same part over and over again until you die.


  • You can have the boss chase you out of the room and get it stuck on a corner to have an easier fight.
  • This fight is a lot easier on a rogue as you can skip all the phases of him spawning minions by cloaking.
  • Look out for the black shots as they paralyze and the white boomerangs as they weaken and confuse

Drops of Interest:

Warped Worlds Staff


Mirage Lance


Null Magic Trap



Gold Cache

1000 Gold Coin

Potion of Protection HWq3JE9.png

Potion of Mana