The Dark Knight


Boss Behaviours

When the boss is activated he will stay in the middle and shoot out many shots towards the nearest player, these can sicken and confuse so be careful for them. You know he has changed phases because he heals up a lot of health and goes into a chase phase, it is not recommended to try and get your damage in when the boss is in the chase phase as he shoots a lot of shots that can kill you. Instead you should wait until the boss stands still and goes into a damage phase, even if the boss is full health here you can kill him as it is a long damage phase. If you don't get him here he will spawn in some minions then go back into chase phase


  • Bring a chest weapon as the boss drops a chest after it dies

Drops of Interest:

Broadsword of Bloodshed


Evil Shield of the Dark Knight


Chestguard of the Underworld


Amulet of the Dark Knight


Night Dice


Potion of Luck JCl0OzZ.png

All non-custom potions