How can I connect?

You need to download the client in #server-link in the discord, and run it through Adobe Flash Projector after adding it to your trusted files. If you need help doing this there is a video pinned in that section.

Who do I send bugs and exploits to?

You may send this to any of the staff team in the Valor discord, they'll refer it to the content managers and developers.

How do I forge a legendary?

To forge a legendary you need to have a Legendary Sor crystal and a Shard, these are obtained via elite lootboxes. You can get a Legendary Sor crystal by Double clicking a Normal Sor crystal and having 20 onrane. You can forge a sor crystal by getting 50 Sor fragments. Some legendaries can be crafted with a legendary sor crystal and specific items.

Why am I muted?

If you're muted in or out of the game, you most likely have been muted for not following the rules correctly. You will not be muted without a reason.

How do I get started on this server?

The best way to get started is to max a wizard via godlands and work your way up as you would on any other server. The events are your main way of getting early-mid game tier items. On this server, they also have a chance of giving you bronze, silver, or gold Lootboxes.

How does the marketplace work?

The marketplace is where you're able to put up your items ranging from t0 to Legendaries for however much gold you want for the item. To put up an item you must at least be 2 stars, and to take off an item you need at least 50 gold.

What is fame used for?

Fame in Valor is used to make Guilds, change your name and buy items from the nexus. The current items on sale in the nexus for fame are tiered items, backpacks and some legendary consumables.

How do I use a raid token?

A raid token is used to open a raid for the community. Opening a raid costs a minimum fee of 5000 gold depending on the raid launched. If you are wanting to host one you'll need to click on the red symbol on the top left of your screen and press launch while having the correct raid token in your inventory.

How do I become member/raid squad?

These roles are obtainable by simply asking a moderator for it.

Is the server currently down?

The server is most likely up. If it isn't, it is likely down for its manual restart which is every 6 hours. If you're unable to connect please look into the video at #server-link in the discord. In the event that no one knows why the server is down, maintenance is most likely being done. This can take quite a bit of time, as troubleshooting has to be done as well.

Does this server have /mscale?

Valor has a feature where you can adjust the size of your flashplayer and make it fullscreen. In this mode, abilities can't be used outside of a certain threshold in order to prevent ability abuse.

Are there backpacks?

Backpacks can be bought for 35,000 fame at the bottom of the nexus. Anyone can buy and use them. Additionally, some end-game bosses can drop backpacks.

How do I turn off ally projectiles?

To turn off ally projectiles you will need to go to the options menu and go to the "experimental" tab. There, you will also find options for turning off other kinds of graphics settings.

Where can I see the new custom stats?

The Custom Stats are as follow-

Restoration / RES: Restoration increases the amount of healing given when using health and mana potions. In addittion, having higher amounts of restoration causes you to automatically refil up to 6 of each potion upon visiting the nexus.
Protection / PRT: Protection is a Shield which will protect you from all damaging projectiles, It can only soak as much as what it says. So if you have 131 it will protect you from 131 damage. This shield is not affected by defense.
Might / MGT: Might is critical strike damage. You gain 0.1 bonus critical strike damage per 7 points.
Luck / LUC: Luck is your critical hit chance. You gain 1% critical chance per 10 luck, capping at 100% critical chance at 1000 luck
Surge / SG: Surge is gained by killing enemies. You gain 2 surge per enemy that is killed near you. If you reach 100 surge, your protection bar is refilled. Depending on equipped items, surge can also have additional effects. Surge will naturally decay when enemies have not recently been killed.
Fortune: (only given by items): This will increase your drop chance by %1 per stat point

How do I obtain gold?

Gold is the main currency in Valor and it comes from a multitude of dungeons in the server. A common way to get gold is from Elite Lootboxes which are from Raids and Alerts

What are alerts and how do I open one?

Alerts are boss-only dungeons which you can obtain at a very rare chance of 1/2500 from any enemy. When you see a message about a challenge awaiting you in the nexus, you have gained one. You may go to the nexus and press the button "Alerts". It's located at the top left of your screen. Once you have clicked, on it you will need to wait 15-30 seconds before it will teleport you to the dungeon. You must have 1000 gold to open these. If you die while in the alert, you will not lose your character. However, you will instead lost 10% of your current gold.

How do I enable marks?

In order to enable marks, you must first obtain a Lost Scripture #1 and consume it on your character. This will cost 5000 gold. Once this is done, click the mark shop window on the top left of your screen while in the nexus. This will open the mark shop UI. From here, you can purchase four small marks and one big mark for your character.

How do I ascend?

In order to enable marks, you must first obtain a Lost Scripture #2 and consume it on your character. This will cost 5000 gold. Once this is done, you are able to start consuming stat vials. These can either be obtained as drops from raid bosses or crafted using two greater stat potions in the Sor Forge. Crafting them this way will cost you one onrane per vial.

Where do I send suggestions?

If you're wanting to send us critical feedback and good suggestions you can check #suggestions in the discord server. If there is a problem on the wiki, refer to the people mentioned at the bottom of the about tab.

How do I get a refund?

In order to get a refund, you must have video evidence. If it is a raid or an alert, message an online moderator. Otherwise, message an owner.

If your question is not on here, do not be afraid to send one of the moderators or wiki creators a message on discord