Bergelmir, the Frost Giant


Boss Behaviors

After the boss stops talking, he will flash blue twice before shooting out shots in all directions and spawning in a total of 6 Frozen Souls. Then he will start chasing you while flashing blue again. Afterwards, he will stop flashing and run away from you while shooting bullets all around him. When he stops and flashes red, he will spawn multiple minions and stay invulnerable until eventually running to a corner of the room.

At this point, he will start running around the corners of the room, shooting high damage single bullets and low damage rings of bullets. He will be armored when he stops at each corner, so it would be wise to stay safe if you are not confident you can dodge all of the shots.

After he stops for a bit at the fourth corner of the room, he will flash green and run to the middle. At this point, you can damage him freely as he says he is recharging. When he goes invulnerable, he will spawn 4 giant ice spheres that have armored. After you kill them, he will start shooting bullets that start at his sides and go around him until they end up shooting at 90 degrees compared to where they started. He will also spawn 8 Frozen Souls that should be taken care of before attempting to damage the boss again. On top of this, he will shoot 1 high damage shot, 2 medium damage shots, and 3 low damage shots.

Until he is killed, he will loop through theses phases.

Drops of Interest:

Frozen Chestguard


Sor Fragment Caches

Sor Fragments

Onrane Cache