Boss Behaviors

Take note: If you have a weapon or ability that has 9 range or more, then you can outrange this boss and avoid the whole fight

If you get close, he will take a second before shooting 10 bullets in a cone where you are and 6 shots in a hexagon pattern around him. He will then run away and shoot the same bullets as before, but he will also shoot an arrow and 8 black shuriken shots in a square around him. Soon after, he will change and shoot 4 larger bullets in a square around him as well as 2 shurikens at a 45 degree angle based on where you are. Afterwards, he will become invulnerable and shoot 7 red bullets in a semi circle around him, as well as a flurry of black shurikens different than before.

He will then switch to firing 7 white shots in a heptagon shape around him, while also firing a shotgun of 4 brown bullets where you are. Soon after, he will start healing for 1000 HP every second and become vulnerable. Also at this point, he will begin firing 6 of the longer brown bullets from before in a cone, 4 of the original black shurikens where you are, and 2 circular shots at his sides that boomerang.

After you finally finish this full phase, he will become stationary and can be damaged freely. When he starts moving again, he move at random and shoot 6 black shurikens, 4 boomerang shots in a cone, and an arrow. Shortly after he will chase you while shooting more white boomerang shots. Until you make him rage, he will repeat all past bullet phases.

His rage phase consists of him chasing you and firing the red half circle of shots and the black shurikens. Then he will try to get back to the middle while firing 8 white shots around him and the cone of 4 brown shots where you are.

If you don't kill him by this point, he will loop starting at when he heals for 1000 HP every second. This will keep happening until he is defeated.


To avoid having to deal with the bullets, it is recommended that you wait a couple seconds before going in, check what phase he is on, then only go in on which ever phase you feel more comfortable with dodging wise.

Drops of Interest:

Robe of Overgrowth


Sor Fragment Caches

Sor Fragments

Onrane Cache