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Welcome to Valor!

Valor is an ROTMG-based private server with extra challenges to overcome.
Play as one of the 21 classes available in this unique experience, team up with your friends to fight challenging bosses, explore new custom dungeons and conquer the realm. Will you slay Sidon or will you be yet another to get corrupted by the power of the Zol? Take the fight to Aldragine in The Zol Awakening raid or try and seal Drannol the Eternal Beast once again in a fight for the safety of the realm in the Calling of the Titan raid.


  • Raids Custom dungeons with 4 bosses, each more difficult and more rewarding than the last
  • Custom Weapons, Abilities, Armors, Rings & Accessories
  • New item tiers: Fabled, Legendary and Ancient Relic
  • Death arena with wave based rewards and exclusive arena content
  • Custom currencies Onrane and Kantos
  • No pets for added difficulty
  • A marketplace where you can buy items for gold
  • Unique Forging system
  • Marks
  • Ascended characters that increase base stats
  • New character base stats to balance the game
  • Custom stats
  • 7 custom classes
  • Donator commands such as /glow /reskin and /size
  • Increased fame gain when with other players to encourage team work when clearing
  • A time based realm closing system with custom events to fight
  • Lootboxes for even more loot

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