The Kraken

To start the boss you need to stand at the top of the map

Boss Behaviours

When the boss has started he will start to shoot small low damage bullets randomly in front of him, these are of little threat to a geared character. While these shots are still being shot out the tentacles start to shoot out paralyze projectiles, these must be avoided as soon after this the tentacles will shoot out 4x200 damage bombs and you wont be able to dodge them, if you got paralyzed you will be hit by 2 bursts of these and most likely die. At the point of the second set of bombs being thrown the boss will probably have sunk back underwater. When he does this you need to go to the other side of the map to fight it again with the same pattern, you need to do this for all 4 sides.
After you have killed the boss on all 4 sides he will appear in the middle in a pool of water, he will spawn in kraken tentacles that you have to kill to be able to hit the boss. During this phase he will also throw out Giant Squids from the Ocean Trench, you should focus these as they will cover the the map with ink if they are left alone. After all the tentacles have been killed the boss will go vulnerable and armor broken, this will normally be where you kill the boss.


  • Always check how much air you have so you dont suffocate

Drops of Interest:

Banner of the furious Kraken


Sor Fragment Caches

Sor Fragments

Onrane Cache