Iegon the Weather God

Drops from Thunder God in the God Lands.
Storm Palace is a mid-tier dungeon that drops in the god lands from the Thunder God, it can be easily steam rolled with low amounts of players but can also be challenging to those who cannot kill the boss immediately. When rushing this dungeon there is one main hazard to look out for: WavENUh.png
These minions are a threat because they can paralyze you, if you can make it through the dungeon without being hit by these minions then it will be an easy rush as no other enemies can shoot in time to hit you.

Boss Behaviours

In the first phase the boss will shoot out a few paralyze shots in all directions, these shots will do around 150 damage and can permanently paralyze you if the boss is still targeting you.
After this phase he will shoot out 3 slow shots in 4 directions, these shots are close together forcing you into certain areas. This phase is an easy damage phase if you look out for the occasional stun shots he shoots out.
If you still haven't kill the boss by this point he will heal then spawn in 2 minions that will follow you and paralyze you. A few seconds after these minions spawn the boss loops back into the first phase.


  • When rushing be sure to check your minimap when approaching a room with a paralyze enemy in it as they always circle around the room so you can wait until they have gone then rush through.
  • Stand back from the boss when it's activating so you dont get hit by the first paralyze shot and get permanently paralyzed.



Drops of Interest:

Ring of the Storm Gods




Dagger of Unearthly Storms


Typhoon Wand


Potion of Luck JCl0OzZ.png

Potion of Speed