Hand of Terradius


Boss Behaviours

The boss will start with a chase phase, he will shoot out 8 swords in front of him as well as blue shots that stun in a burst all around him, this phase is very easy if you just circle him around the room. As the phase goes on for longer he loses the blue shot burst and the 8 swords become 4 swords. After that phase he will gain a new cone attack in front of him, this time with blue balls that paralyze the player, he does not perfectly follow you in this phase and free roams around with an occasional dash. After this he will change to shooting 3 blue shots in front of him, these are slow moving so you will never get hit by them if you circle, while he's doing this he also shoots out blue wave shots that do not apply a status effect. After this he runs back to the middle for a damage phase followed by a stationary turret phase where he targets the player and shoots directly at him. He stays in this stationary turret phase until he starts healing then he goes back into a rage chase phase where he shoots out paralyze shots and tries to sit on you.


  • Look out for any bombs as they do big damage and confuse

Drops of Interest:

Adroit Armor


Mirror Dagger


Sor Fragment Caches

Sor Fragments

Onrane Cache